Eastern Africa

I am a young woman mediation ambassador, aged 24 years. I am the Coordinator the Young Women Leaders Mediation Project within IPHRD-Africa where we build the capacity of youth on mediation. I support policy efforts of the African Union, Regional Organizations like IGAD as well as national efforts on mediation, and on youth peace and security. I hold a Degree in International Relations from the University of Nairobi. I am currently pursing master’s in international Relations with a concentration of peace and conflict at the United States International University (USIU-Africa) as well as a certificate in Spanish. I have contributed to the global policy paper title “We are here-’ as well as the publication of a research paper titled “The role of climate change in conflicts in Africa”. I have been trained on mediation, dialogue and negotiation. I am passionate about youth, women, peace and security, and implement projects on young women, with a focus on mediation. I am a member of FemWise-Africa. It is during my job shadowing at IGAD that I was able to influence and contribute to policy discussions especially on matters regarding youth and women in the Great Lakes and Horn of Africa which was in turn included in the IGAD Resolution during the IGAD Mediation Support Unit reporting meeting to the Council of Ambassadors in December 2018.I have also advocated for the establishment for an officer of the IGAD youth special envoy which is currently in the process of institutionalized.