Beatrice Kamau, Kenya – Mediator, Community Mobilizer

Audrey Odhiambo, Kenya – Mediator, Policy Analyst
September 15, 2019
Shamsia Ramadhan, Kenya – Mediator, Conflict Analyst
September 15, 2019

Beatrice Kamau is a strong believer in attainment of a world that upholds human rights, Peace justice and equality. She has worked in the civil society for more than 26 years in areas of Constitution making, Human rights, peace building, social justice and women empowerment where she has gained a lot of ‘hands on’ experience.

She has worked with people at community level in many parts of Kenya and Somalia. Through her work, they pushed the government to open up Nyayo house torture chamber and apologize to political prisoners. She was very instrumental in organizing Somalia women to push for their inclusion in political leadership and appointive positions through policy change. She also worked with the Somalia parliament to establish a Somalia human rights Commission.

Currently she is working with Women Political Alliance and World March of Women to ensure that women are included in at all levels more so in areas of peace building, elective positions, and appointive positions. She has been on the frontline to negotiate for women friendly articles inclusion and protection of gender gains in the current Kenyan constitution. She has also worked with Somalia women to ensure that women inclusion is in ongoing peace processes and completion of the provisional constitution.