Selina Kwamini, Kenya

Eunhye Lee, Practitioner in cross-sector, intercultural and interdisciplinary dialogue and engagement
August 23, 2020

Selina Kwamini is the Community Voices for Peace and Plurality-Africa Coordinator. She has years’ experience in Communication, Public Relations, Media, Advocacy, and Research.  She is the Co-founder of VASPIS Networks, a PR agency. She has an Academic background in Sociology and Communication.

She is resourceful in respect to advocacy, creation of communication strategies/campaigns and branding. Her experience includes among others: events planning, public speaking, fundraising blogging, writing articles, press releases, editing, minutes taking and record keeping, writing speeches and scripts.

She is passionate about the African child and related issues such education and their general well being-emotional, physical and mental. Consequently she has worked extensively  with children as well as on their programs. She runs mentorship program for the children in her village as well as the street kids.

She is also an editor for the Lovingtone magazine, a Christian youth E-magazine. She uses her voice and her platforms to advocate for peace and more in relation to the children.