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Women are preventing and transforming violent conflict, constructing a strong foundation that future generations can build on
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Support of The UN SG’s Call for a Global Ceasefire

Statement in Support of UN Secretary General’s Call for a Global Ceasefire

National Governments, international organizations and regional bodies have increasingly recognized the pragmatic importance of the call by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres for warring parties across the world to lay down their weapons in support of the bigger global battle against COVID-19, the common enemy that is threatening all of humankind.

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Whatsapp Seminar Series 14

Community Voices for Peace and Pluralism Whatsapp Workshop Seminar, Series 14
Conversation with Degan Ali (Somalia & Kenya) – Racism and Neocolonialism in Humanitarian Aid System

The WhatsApp Workshop Seminar Series began in the wake of the Global COVID-19 Pandemic while many were on lockdown. CVPP members decided to meet this unprecedented challenge by speaking to each other every Saturday, sharing experiences and learning new skills from each other. All of this is done through the WhatsApp platform, to enable reach to those of our members without access to facilities such as Zoom or Skype.

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Who we are

Community Voices for Peace and Pluralism – Africa (CVPP) is a network of African women professionals providing services in preventing, transforming and solving violent conflict, including ethnic and religious conflicts, around the world.

CVPP also build’s capacities through a Peace and Pluralism approach, equipping women to contribute in decision-making roles. We offer highly effective consulting services to advance global peace and security.

What we do

Community Voices for Peace and Pluralism provides top-notch research, capacity building, and facilitation services to communities, NGOs, government agencies, Regional Economic Communities (REC’s), the African Union and multilateral organizations seeking positive outcomes toward peace and security. With expertise in gender and inclusive pluralistic processes, we support participatory and locally-driven programs that contribute to sustainable peace worldwide....

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Peace and Pluralism at a Glance

We are a non-profit network that builds the capacities of women and other groups in preventing, transforming and solving violent conflict through a Peace and Pluralism approach.


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