Zelpha Ingasia, Kenya – Mediator, Peace Educator

Regina Mutiru, Kenya – Mediator, Gender Analyst and Dialogue Facilitator
September 15, 2019
Audrey Odhiambo, Kenya – Mediator, Policy Analyst
September 15, 2019

Zelpha Ingasiah is a development practitioner who is passionate about peace and education. She has been involved in promotion of pluralism in the local contexts where different demography feel alienated and secluded. Professionally, she is a civic educator who enjoys educating the local communities of the pearls of good governance and promoting the unheard voices of the members at the grass root. She has been engaged in peace building since 2012 by volunteering and working in community led initiatives meant to counter and address violent extremism. She has been a key asset in USAID funded programs that addressed violent extremism such as Kenya Transition Initiative and Kenya Tuna Uwezo programs. She has also been involved in mediation work at the community level mediating on ideologies used to promote radicalization, youth and security actors.

She has volunteered with several organizations such as Life and Peace Initiative, Green String Network, Global Communities, Chemonics International, Scofield and Associates and local administration in Kenya.