Laura Nyirinkindi, Uganda, – Policy and Conflict Analyst

Irene Limo, Kenya, Mediator
January 6, 2020
Lina Zedriga Waru Abuku, Uganda, – Mediator and Peace Lawyer
January 6, 2020

Laura Nyirinkindi is a lawyer working in the area of Governance, Human Rights, Gender, Rule of law and Development. She has extensive experience of over 15 years having conducted various assignments around appraisals and evaluations, training, research, organisational development, strategic planning and project management. 

In the course of her work, she has interacted extensively with national and regional NGOs, Government institutions and intergovernmental agencies as well as community actors in identifying and formulating participatory interventions at diverse levels. Laura has worked with the African Union, the European Union, COMESA, UNECA, UNDP and OHCHR as well as several development partners including USAID, DANIDA, SIDA, CIDA, SNV, GIZ,Action Aid International, Amnesty International and PLAN International among others.  

Laura has worked in 31 countries in Africa, Europe, Asia and America, enabling her to acquire comparative and multi-cultural experiences. 

Laura is a Senior Management Consultant in Pro Initiatives Agency, a firm she founded, and has worked in from 2003 to date. She taught regional and international Law at Kampala International University from 2004-2007. She has been the Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Uganda Association of Women Lawyers (FIDA-Uganda, 2010-2014) and is the FIDA International Regional Vice President (2017-2020). Laura is on the African Development Bank Civil Society Committee. She also sits on the Advisory Board of the Legal Aid Clinic of the Law Development Centre, Kampala Uganda.