Samia El Hashmi, Sudan – Mediator, Peace Lawyer

Kamilia Ibrahim Kuku Kura, Sudan – Mediator, Community Mobilizer
September 15, 2019
Prof. Nawal Khidir Nasr Al-Amin (Ph.D), Sudan – Mediator, Peace Educator
September 15, 2019

Is a prominent lawyer and co-founder/ Chairwoman of Mutawinat Benevolent Company. Mutawinat works for the rights women in Sudan through the provision of legal aid services and advocacy, training, awareness-raising, and research focusing on different ways to protect human rights. Ms. El Hashmi has been a member and elected board member of Women in Law and Development in Africa (WILDAF) the network who initiated MOBOTO protocol on women in Africa. She is a founding member of the Sudanese Network for Peace, the FGM Network, and the Women of Solidarity Network.

She is also a member of the Women Waging Peace Network, Karama Network in Arab network, working on women peace and security, and the Sudanese Bar Association. Ms.

El Hashmi is member of the Task Force of engagement of women in peace processes, the TF is women working to insure engagement of women in communities in peace in Sudan and South Sudan through the work with South Sudan TF. Ms. El Hashmi, is a member of the Democratic Alliance of Sudanese lawyers, one of the forces of change in respect of rule law and democratic transformation.

Samia has presented working papers at conferences on topics such as the status of Sudanese women under the constitution, the status of women in security arrangements, and women’s rights in employment in the international conventions.